All New! Dr. Sara Bars

High Fiber + High Protein + Low Sugar

Hard to stay on track?
3pm Snack Attack?
Always on the go? … I get it.

If you’re going to stay slim and healthy,
You need a FAST solution when you’re hungry.

It’s not easy. I tried to find a Hormone Cure-approved snack bar EVERYWHERE.

(But they were either filled with toxic preservatives and waistline-expanding ingredients like soy, sugar & bad carbs… or they were disgusting.) So, I started making my own!

Dr. Sara Bars are delicious and:

  • They’re made out of completely natural ingredients
  • Packed with protein and fiber
  • Loaded with nutrients and low in sugar
  • PORTABLE to take with you in your car, purse, and on the go

Don’t get caught without a snack to get you through the day. Click the Order Now button below, and I’ll send you a case of Dr. Sara Bars.

Your personal, fast solution to snacking and hunger.

All for just $27.95

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