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Week 1

When I ask women what they want, 80% say, “Please help me lose weight”, and 91% tell me they need more energy. This audio gets to the heart of what you need to do to boost metabolism, amplify your energy, and fit into those skinny jeans. Learn all the key players of your thyroid (such as free T3, TSH, and reverse T3 — players even your doctor doesn’t know) and how to get them working on your team again. What we measure improves — and in this audio (and transcript), I tell you WHAT to measure, WHY, and then we start to optimize….

Week 1 Thyroid Part 1 – Audio | Transcript
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Week 2

Ready to unblock your slow metabolism? Learn the top, Harvard-approved 5 ways to boost metabolism – from head to toe!. This is a riveting interview between Ellen Heed and me, and Ellen is the most genre-bending teacher of anatomy and physiology you ever met. She is an absolute genius at translating the boring science of the body into hilarious, girlfriendy, inspirational news-you-can-use.

Week 2 Ellen Heed Interview – Audio | Transcript
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Week 3

Want to keep hair on your head, a happy face when you look at the bathroom scale, and serious HOTness? Get that thyroid back into the Goldilocks position! Discover what to do in the next thyroid session.

Week 3 Thyroid Part 2 – Audio | Transcript
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Week 4

What are the best ways to slow down the clock, so you’re not just extending life but feeling sexy from your cells to your soul? Get ’em right here, Dr.-Sara style!

Week 4 Exercise and De-Agers – Audio | Transcript
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Week 5

Now that your hormones are better, what’s next? Don’t let the hard work slip slide backwards — get the needle-moving strategies that help you make “hormonal nirvana” your new normal.

Week 5 Integration – Audio | Transcript
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Bonus Audios

Stress does NOT favor women. Meet Cortisol, the “bad boyfriend” hormone. Find out how to get this hormone right where it belongs and not fry your memory and/or wrinkle your skin prematurely. Uncover the ways you can get your body on track–using little-known strategies with food, movement, and supplements–that few women know about, let alone their doctors.

Once you listen to and implement what you hear on these audios you’ll feel like you’ve gone from Crazy-ville to Sexy-town!

Your Relationship to Stress – Audio
Gender Differences to Stress Response – Audio
Getting Your Body Back on Track – Audio


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