Praise for The Hormone Cure

“Never before have I read a book and shouted, “Oh my God, that’s ME!” every time I turned the page. It is no exaggeration to say that I think managing hormones is the single most important thing women my age are dealing with. I don’t just want to read Sara Gottfried. I want her to be my doctor, my friend, and my sister.”

Ayelet Waldman
NYT Bestselling Author

“I’ve just read your ENTIRE and magnificent book! Brava!!! I think is is going to be a HUGE success, every woman needs to read it, and every doctor. You will certainly get some push-back from established medicine, but just say ‘oh well’ to yourself since they aren’t your audience anyway. The Hormone Cure will be a delight for women to read.”

Louann Brizendine, MD
Professor, UCSF
Author, The Female Brain

“Finally, a cogent, hilarious, and wise explanation about why women feel the way they do at different times in their hormonal cycles — and some sensible advice about what to do about it.

Dr. Gottfried is Dr. Weil and Dr. Christiane Northrups’s love child—she is part of the new conversation about hormones”

Adair Lara
Adair Lara, author of Naked, Drunk and Writing

“Dr. Sara is a rare combo of Harvard Medical School graduate, yoga teacher, and integrative physician. She’s smart, she’s hip, she writes in a user-friendly way! Learn all about your hormones — what they do, how they can ruin your life, how you can make them hum. Run, don’t walk, to your computer or bookstore to buy this book — and throw more in the cart for your girlfriends, mother, sisters, and daughters. The life you save may be your own.”

Hyla Cass MD, author of 8 Weeks to Vibrant Health

“This wonderful book will transform the approach we take to addressing women’s health issues. The ‘mindmap’ is an amazingly easy way to understand how to achieve hormonal equilibrium for women who suffer from fatigue, depression and other endocrine-based neuropsychiatric symptoms.” —

Dr. Jay Lombard, DO
Author, Balance Your Brain, Balance Your Life and The Brain Wellness Plan
Founder and Chief Scientific Officer,

“Thoughtful, poignant and devilishly irreverent, Dr. Sara and the Hormone Cure is the only book you will need for lasting health from head to toe.

Dr. Sara turns your hormones, head and heart into allies that create the life you want to live. Simply put if you are a woman or know a woman, get this book!

Half yogini, half hardcore hormone healer, Dr. Sara combines eastern modalities with western science to give women what they so desperately deserve; a sexy, satisfying, and all-together awesome hormone cure to last a lifetime.

I’ve sent every woman I love a copy of this book. Dr. Sara covers each hormonal base with humor, heart and a deep commitment to being your partner in health. It’s all about the lady love in The Hormone Cure and it’s time to get your copy!”

Jamie G. Dougherty
Food & Body Coach, Wellness Speaker

“Occasionally a health-related book comes along that is perfect for its time-the right topic, right information, from the right authority. Such is the book by Sara Gottfried, MD “The Hormone Cure”. There has been so much written about how women should manage their hormonal health during and after menopause, much of which is not written by someone with the background, training and clinical skills as a specialist in Gynecology and Woman’s health as is Dr. Gottfried. Her book accomplishes what the field has needed for some time which is a definitive integration of safe and effective approaches to the management of issues of the brain, breast, bones and heart that come with the onset of menopause. This is a book of our time that will help women navigate successfully through the challenging neurohormonal changes that come with menopause”.

Jeffrey Bland, Ph.D., FACN, FACB
President, MetaProteomics
Founder, Institute for Functional Medicine

“You don’t have to accept the hormonal hell of being tired, stressed, overweight, and never in the mood for sex as you grow older. In her fabulous new book, the brilliant Dr. Gottfried gives you an effective, easy-to-follow plan to balance your hormones and become lean, energetic, and loving life again. Stop settling and reclaim your sexy!”

JJ Virgin
Author, Six Weeks to Sleeveless and Sexy

“If I could recommend just one book to women concerned about hormones, perimenopause, and menopause, “The Hormone Cure” would be it. Dr. Sara Gottfried is a genius, compassionate and wise, not to mention a first-class communicator. You must read this book!”

Jonny Bowden
Jonny Bowden, PhD, CNS, author (with Stephen Sinatra, MD), The Great Cholesterol Myth: Why Lowering Cholesterol Will Not Prevent Heart Disease (and the Statin Free Plan that Will)

“Gottfried is a rare breed of physician who can discuss progesterone replacement and the power of chanting in the same paragraph– and with equal authority.

Her engaging and well-researched book, The Hormone Cure offers women an excellent resource for the sometimes wild ride from peri to menopause.”

Dr. Daphne Miller, MD
Author, The Jungle Effect: A Doctor Discovers the Healthiest Diets from Around the World–Why They Work and How to Bring Them Home

“The Hormone Cure is the playbook for your mojo, your mind, and your bootie. With every chapter I thought, “So THAT’s how that works.” I wanted to call every girlfriend and give them the goods on how to glow…now and always.”

Danielle LaPorte
Author of The Fire Starter Sessions and The Desire Map

“The Hormone Cure is a breakthrough hormone guide—entertaining, persuasive, hilarious. I’ve not seen this content anywhere! Get to the root of your issues: low energy, fatigue, low sex drive, anxiety, weight gain. This book is gold.”

Marci Shimoff
Author, Love for No Reason

“How many years did I suffer in hormone hell? If I only I had Sara’s wisdom sooner. This book is going to help save the world—because too many women’s gifts are smothered by hormone imbalances, preventing us from doing our great work.”

Jennifer Louden

“Dr. Sara is bridging the chasm between the woman who wants to take action to feel better, and the encapsulated medical body of knowledge. She is educating us on how to take care of ourselves, giving us information and putting it in a language that makes sense for anyone who is intelligent enough to think, but doesn’t have a medical background. This is really rare. Dr Sara hunts the core issues women are wrestling with & answers the essential question: ‘What the hell is wrong with me & what can I do about it?’ I am making this book required reading in my Forrest Yoga Foundation Teacher Training.”

Ana T. Forrest
International Yoga Superstar and Founder of Forrest Yoga &
Author, Fierce Medicine: Breakthrough Practices to Heal the Body and Ignite the Spirit (HarperOne, 2012)

“Dr. Sara Gottfried is a superstar – a phenomenal physician who is changing the face of women’s health. Warm, authoritative, and absolutely trustworthy, Dr. Sara is a voice women can rely on to negotiate the confusing landscape of hormonal balance. At menopause we’re polarized: damned-if-we-do and give ourselves breast cancer, and damned-if-we-don’t when hot flashes bring insomnia and sex drive disappears. Dr. Sara is the champion of the middle way. She represents a new era of personalized medicine—the gene/environment interface and how to leverage epigenetics—in an eminently readable yet scientifically-based narrative of your hormones and what to do when they’re off kilter. In her friendly accessible style- like your best friend talking- Dr. Sara addresses the root causes of hormonal imbalance and teaches us how to eat, move, and retrain thought as a way to reverse unpleasant symptoms. This book is a major breakthrough! A must read for women of all ages.”

Joan Borysenko, Ph.D.
Author of
Minding the Body, Mending the Mind and, Inner Peace for Busy Women

“Sara Gottfried’s The Hormone Cure has changed the face of women’s health forever! Never before has a book offered such radical transformation in such a simple, step-by-step way. This book is a game-changer and a must-read for every woman!”

Cynthia Pasquella, CCN
Author The Hungry Hottie Cookbook

“At the forefront of this scientifically advanced yet deeply humane guide to hormonal health – and the complex problems that result from imbalances – are the views of the relatively new area of functional medicine: lifestyle changes as the first line of attack; a close patient-physician partnership for wellness; and the notion that, despite a myriad of confusing and sometimes overlapping symptoms, many conditions and diseases have a few basic root causes. Through in-depth questionnaires and case studies, bioengineer, gynecologist, and yoga instructor Gottfried guides readers to first identify their main hormonal problems (disordered levels of critical hormones like estrogen, thyroid, and the stress hormone cortisol) and then apply a combination of do-it-yourself remedies (diet, herbs, supplements, etc.,) to reset the scale. Gottfried calls hormonal balance a “soul-infused pie chart,” which must be achieved for optimal health, including mood, sleep, weight, immunity, and longevity. For many women juggling careers and families, eliminating caffeine, sugar, and gluten from their diet and devoting time to achieving calm through self-care may seem like climbing a mountain, but Gottfried says that realigning hormones is much easier than continuing in a cycle that seriously impairs quality of life. As readers wade through detailed scientific explanations and extensive recommendations ranging from fish oil and ginseng to yoga-based breathing and meditation, they will be cheered by her appealing sense of humor and disarming candor. And likely, many of them will also be stirred by Gottfried’s sympathetic understanding to stay the course.”

Publishers Weekly

“Dr. Sara Gottfried demystifies my own body for me. At once scientific and intuitive, her work pushes the edges of traditional medicine to integrate what women have known throughout the ages. The Hormone Cure is both accessible and substantive, with surprisingly simple but profound advice on each page. In short, this doctor is revolutionary and will transform your understanding of your body. It’s a book every woman should read.”

Nicole Daedone
Author of Slow Sex: The Art and Craft of the Female Orgasm

“Dr Sara has done it again! I met Dr. Sara in my thirties and she helped me with my cortisol levels; now in my forties I’m looking into the low-estrogen remedies recommended in her new book. The Hormone Cure puts understanding your own health and vitality right at your fingertips. The Hormone Cure is fascinating to read cover to cover, and easy to use as a self help book to target specific challenges. The questionnaires and follow up give every woman the power to begin down the road to healing immediately. You don’t have to wait, guess, subvert your own intuition or spend a lot of money and time; you can take action now toward creating a brighter, more vibrant self. This book is an excellent resource and companion for every woman.”

Michelle Cordero
E-RYT500*, MFA, Certified Forrest Yoga Teacher

*E-RYT500 indicates experienced, registered Yoga Teacher with 500 hours or more of training, the highest accreditation available in the US from Yoga Alliance.

“I am so happy to know Dr. Sara and to discover The Hormone Cure. I wish I had read this book in my twenties when I suffered a week of PMS every month. Now, I’m turning 50, still cycling, and I’m so relieved to have the answers I need to navigate the murky waters of my changing body and perimenopause. I can’t wait to share this book with every woman I know including my two daughters! Thank you, Dr. Sara!”

Kristine Carlson
NY Times bestselling Author: Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff for Women, Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff for Moms